Rycling of Contaminated Soils

GENTEK provides all aspects of soil and groundwater contamination. Our singular focus on solutions has given us a reputation for cutting bureaucratic inefficiencies and closing sites. 

Since 1996 the range of waste that is categorised as 'Special', and therefore more difficult and expensive to dispose of, has grown considerably. Such items as Nickel/cadmium batteries, paint residues, oils, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and cement bonded asbestos are now defined as Special.

GENTEK engineers calculated worst-case soil processing parameters and system loading rates by reviewing existing data on soils contaminated with hydrocarbons, metals, inorganics, and PAHs.

gentek is providing technical assistance to EIA a rotary kiln system used to process hydrocarbon and coal tar contaminated soils at a soil recycling facility. Our work has involved extensive negotiations with Turkish coal enterprises personnel in the areas of air permitting, modeling/risk assessment and solid waste management.

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Senior Design Manager

Due to the growth of the company and the ongoing success of the Water team, 2 x Design Manager roles are available.